Teen Books A Guide for Families

Teen Books A Guide for Families

In Teen Books A Guide for Families, I rate recent teen books in regards to sex, violence, language used, and themes. I’m pretty specific, so if there’s even one instance of religious misuse, for example, it’s mentioned under language. (Religious misuse would be any time a character use religious terms as swear words — ie, ‘God, he’s horrible.’)

So often, kids who love to read end up reading everything they can get their hands on, and most parents simply don’t have the time to read in advance — which can create a dilemma for many of us. As parents, we want our kids reading and growing, but we’d like to know what they’re reading so we can at least discuss touchy subjects with them.

That’s the goal behind these booklets. I love to read, and I read fast. I’m fairly current with my young adult (teen) novels, and I’ve always been able to remember and notice details…which makes this project one especially suited to my so-called talents. 🙂

In addition to the ratings for content/dialogue, I also include a genre breakdown (for those kids who want romance in every book or have to have science fiction involved somehow), comparisons to other current books (in case they’re going through a dystopia phase), and discussion ideas for parents. The discussion ideas cover all the main themes of the book, whether positive or negative (e.g. some books show the dysfunctional side of families, which opens up discussion opportunities around what makes a strong family versus what weakens families). Every quarter, I’ll be producing a new volume of books reviewed and rated.

This pamphlet is available on Amazon (for Kindle): Kindle version here;
from Barnes & Noble (for Nook): Nook version here;
or here, through Paypal: Buy Now Button

(Once we get the confirmed payment, we’ll e-mail you the .pdf.)

Let me know if you have suggestions for future books to include or any comments on how the guide works for you.


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